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infectious relations to light was recorded dec. 2nd-4th, 2011 in an industrial factory


released February 4, 2012



all rights reserved


REVEREND Detroit, Michigan

Reverend formed in Detroit, Mi during Jan. of 2010. Reverend is Jeremy Waun, Joe Guzdial and Tyler Bowen. Today, after seven years of shows, writing, and change, Reverend continues to establish their relationship with their listeners as one of friendship and sharing in a collective of positive memories.

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Track Name: OLD HOMES
home what have you become and where do we belong now old soul where have you gone why dont i hear your song im outside the outside its so funny oh why did you do it to me ill never know im outside the outside that night you turned off the lights i lost all care i forgot who i was
Track Name: BURN ON
the rhythm of time hides our eternal existence where death and rebirth are the same movement our purpose is in a flame that flickers beyond our perception our purpose is in that flame and we will burn on if we are all living in this temporal world then why not give it up and just live in the light of our breaths we are worth more than what we have but we are worth nothing if we loose ourselves in the rest there it is there it is listen to yourself there it is there it is oh my god your not going to get us down because we are way to high there are answers all around us i find mine in the morning where i ask no questions i know i see love all around in everything and everyone
Track Name: LET IT OUT
hiding beneath shiny new skin when will we know where we begin ego has snakes tied round our necks keeping the white inside our minds let it out do we perceive the imperishable reality let us frequent that most excellent light realize the mask become your voice sing of whats true changing whats you - let our minds be golden telescopes that show the unreal the real
can you sell me a reason to wear this face or are we just an illusion created by our modern ways is it in our minds are we the ones who choose i think we will find that we barely move oh my god who are we we are not material things and oh my god who the fuck am i well i wont know and then someday ill die so its when we let our bodies go thats when our minds start to grow
Track Name: WE DONT CARE
she speaks the truth of a thread on my heart in her head oh the light that makes me smile i havent seen her in a while but still i want to hear her shout like a broken diamond sings oh and i gotta hear her words and truth change everything if we harmonize we can make a better sound and if we all stomp we can shake the ground we dont care we dont have to care we just move on
Track Name: BORN TO LIVE
we are bound to things that just dont make much sense and we are born to live throughout our lives coincidence we are all limitless but well all just limit ourselves
we cant hide our intention as the path inside grows harder to see all the clocks just laugh at our actions they can see that we arent yet free yea the truth will get you high but if you tell a lie it will bring you down i can hear the chemicals whispering there is no such thing as free will we are all just simply meant to be way out beyond all wrong and right there is a garden where i will meet you where all the wisest words they can only describe this place where we can hide way out beyond our senses and beneath all our thoughts if we go down far enough we are going to see it all i can hear the chemicals whispering -
Track Name: BELIEVE
singing out loud now no one to choose we will throw out our minds forget all false ego because when we are new we are the moment its so hard to be in this sea when we see so many things that we are used to.
modern material gods dont hold me down sourceless opportunists dont tie me down were all hiding in these strange dark places where no branches move towards the light and - ive got nothing ive got nothing to live up to now - our likeness wasnt meant to be hidden from each other but still we find it easy to forget now the dogs are waiting at the door but we dont want to loose our god damn eyes we know mindless words never cause happiness but still our thoughts just bleed in with the rest you know the dogs are just making up the door and we dont really need our eyes to see